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I am so excited to finally put some visual art to my music and as many of you know it takes funds, time and resources to do so. I want you to have something to look forward to so make sure to sign up on the email list so you don't miss any updates on these music video projects. Anyone who donates and gets involved will receive a special FREE GIFT from me and the first to see the finished product before it goes out to the masses! You are appreciated and as a singer and performer, this means more than you know to be able to put great content out for you all! 

To donate, please send to or Venmo @JessMcNear and please leave your email, mailing address and first and last name so I know where it came from and where to send the gift to! Thank you so much for supporting independent music artists like me! 

Make sure to get on the email list so you can be one of the first people to see the release of the videos and to get ongoing updates and new music! 


Jessica McNear



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Behind the scenes


Q: Do the donations go directly to the artist? 

A: Yes! Everything is set up via Paypal and other payment options of your choice to send donations and every penny will be used towards the project.

Q: Can you donate more than once? 

A: Yes! No limitations there and you will again receive updates and be one of the first to see the finished project.

Q: How else can I get involved or contribute?

A: Follow Jessica on all social media platforms and sign up for the email list. Then share, share, share! Sharing is caring around here! Tag some people and get them involved too! The more the merrier! You can also check out the Merch and Music store on the website if you would like to get something physical as a keepsake for contributing.  

Q: How important is my involvement in this project and social media sharing?

A: It is the MOST IMPORTANT thing for an independent artist and signed artists alike! Free and monetary involvement helps the artist be seen more frequently in the social media algorithms  and helps them fund small and large projects that a label would otherwise do for them because they have the budget to do so. Watching, sharing, streaming and downloading music and videos are SUPER IMPORTANT!